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Chi Cultivation under the oaks

August 23- December 13, 2019

Fridays, 9:30-10:30am

$10 drop in, discounted class cards available

This class is equal parts somatic attunement to ground us in, Medical Chi Gong with emphasis on organ balancing, and enlivening the senses to the of beauty to the earth. All are welcome...pregnant, ancient, new, tired, sick, or well. Chi gong is well documented to support healthy organ function, endocrine balance, and relieve stress. Standing under the trees on a quiet morning attuning to your inner health for an hour is well documented to make you happy:)

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Ragle Ranch near the playground. it's a 5 min. walk from the parking lot.
walk North on the path along the playground towards the tennis courts. continue as the path curves left (west), past the volleyball area on the right. look for me towards the top of the crest on the right side of the trail, we'll gather by the picnic bench under the trees there.

Frieda’s Chi Gong classes are marvelous. I have felt truly supported - heart mind body and spirit. She’s an excellent teacher who makes this practice accessible, informative, relevant and deeply healing. Also, practicing under the oaks is a true delight for the senses!" -A.S.

"I love Frieda's class because it engages my mind, my heart, and my body all at once. I'm able to slow down, focus and relax. Now and then, when all of us in the circle are moving silently in synchrony, time stands still for awhile." -J.R.

"Qigong with Frieda not only brings me more deeply into my body but also into harmonious relating with the living worlds beyond my body. Frieda is an amazing teacher whose diverse background really adds to her classes which I always walk away from grateful that I came." -M.E.

* * *

“What is rooted is easy to nourish.

What is recent is easy to correct.

What is brittle is easy to break.

What is small is easy to scatter.

Prevent trouble before it arises.

Put things in order before they exist.

The Giant pine tree

Grows from a tiny sprout.

The journey of ten thousand miles

Starts from beneath your feet.”  

-Tao te Ching

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