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frieda, founder and herbal formulator

frieda, founder and herbal formulator

frieda kipar bay is a mother, herbalist, artist, and educator.  Her interest lies in offering plant medicine to people in a way that is holistic, honest, and with deep respect for the plants she uses.  Frieda has been studying herbalism formally since 2007.  She is a graduate of the California School of Herbal Studies, has completed the Aviva Romm M.D., RH Women’s Herbal Educator course and studied face and tongue diagnosis under Matthew Wood RH.  She has studied pulse diagnosis with Brian LaForgia L.ac. and William Morris L.ac. extensively using the Shen/Hammer Pulse diagnosis method.  She serves in the herbal first aid tents of various wellness festivals and political actions as part of the MASHH Collective.  After working for two years with the Herbal Apothecary as a medicine maker, she started Taproot Medicine in 2010.  In addition to her herbal studies, she is a life long dancer and has been a teacher of movement for the past 12 years, fusing her deep knowledge of the body with her work as a healer and medicine maker. She currently stewards land near Sebastopol, Ca in Pomo territory with her partner and children, and has a private herbal practice.