taproot medicine

honoring the connection between people and plants

the stories in our blood

low-cost herbal clinic begins july 8th


there is a way that the blood, as it pounds or leaps or scurries or meanders through your veins, tells the story of your body, your history, and your future.  
the timeless practice of pulse reading has been found in every culture, on every continent. 

manzanita.   ganaderma.   madrone.   nettle.   hazel.  trillium.   iris.   fern.   bay.   oak.    

I am honored to be offering low-cost (n.o.t.a.) herbal consultations in Oakland through the Homestead Apothecaryevery second Wednesday from 2-6pm.  The first day will be July 9th.  By reading the body through pulse, tongue, face, and story, we will find an herbal protocol that is affordable, easy to implement, and has a lasting effect on your wellness.  For more about me and what I can offer, look here.
I believe herbal medicine really is of and for the people and we all have the capacity to heal ourselves; but sometimes we all need someone else to be our healer.  If you find yourself in this place, I humbly offer my knowledge and insight to you.  

To sign up and for more details, please contact the Homestead Apothecary.  
from the apothecary...
The medicine has been potent lately.  Lots of fresh nettles, raspberry leaves, milky oats, and even a few goji berries have been going into the brews, straight from the garden outside.  It's amazing to see the difference that lots of compost and sheet mulching can do to an area once covered in horsetail.  I hope you can taste the solstice sun in every sip.

*  *  *

And if the sun and the high summer action has gotten your nerves a bit tangled, I'd suggest reaching for that bottle of stabilizing syrup in your fridge door.  It works wonders on stress, even if it's "good" stress.  I've been having mine in my midday banana coconut smoothie...and I don't even have to mention how divine that is.

*  *  *

I'm excited to say that the Homestead Apothecary is now supplying Oakland with all the Taproot Medicine Syrups.  Please pay them a visit and enjoy the artfulness that has gone into making a beautiful little herb shop.  All the workers there are herbalists, and all the medicine on the shelves is local.  There's also a great bulk section of dried herbs and plant starts.

*  *  *

And, keep your eyes out for my new website, coming as soon as I stay up late enough to finish it.    I'm still staying away from the social media side of the internet, but have been enjoying making something beautiful to look at with all the info you need, including a "blog" (man I wish we could change that name to something a little kinder on the ears.)  I'll  let you know when it's live.

Until then, may the plants call you closer to the ground~
frieda kipar bay

p.s.--no garden love day this month, I'll be backpacking in the Sierras, doing my part to tend the wild stands of arnica and balsam root during this dry dry year.  We'll pick it up in August....