taproot medicine

honoring the connection between people and plants

the season of late summer

late summer:
walking through
fields of oat husks,
watching the last rays of sun cast a deep pink
upon the coming fog...the fog that fingers her way through the valley, gently touching                                                                              every. living. thing.

How to make an herbal honey with a 3 year old:
1. mention the word "honey"
2. send child to the garden with the directions to pick handfuls of chamomile, vervain, lavender.  spy from your hiding spot.
3. collect herbs, double-check i.d., show child how to pick off little buds and drop into clean glass jars.  go slow.
4. cover plants with about 1 cup of honey, finally handing over the spoon to be licked clean.  stir with a chopstick.
5. give stalks to little hands to go back out to the garden, reminding them to give thanks as they scatter.
6. label jars and place in the sun, gazing in awe at the golden glow and the way the plants every so slowly float to the top.
7. strain when its done, usually a couple of weeks.


chamomile vervain honey (and darkish pink nails)

magic lands lie all around,
inside, outside, underground.
looking-glass worlds still abound.
all their tales this truth reveal:
naught but love makes magic real.

- salman rushdie