taproot medicine

honoring the connection between people and plants

new movement class in sebastopol

 morning movement meditation

a new 6 week class Sept. 4-Oct. 9
Thursdays 9:30am-10:30am      in the Oaks of Ragle Park, Sebastopol

taught by frieda kipar bay
$50 for the series, n.o.t.a

to register and for more info,
email motherwort@taprootmedicine.org

   The lungs may be bigger than you imagine.  

    Your brain may really be in your belly. 

         Your heart may get still as your body moves.  

   It may be possible to be in the world 

      and your body, deeply, at the same time. 

  Come find out.


Using Chi Gong, Native American ritual, BMC, and release technique,
we will learn fluid, repetitive, memorable sequences to build heart rate,
clear the lungs, and wake up neurological pathways. By tracking the
energy in the body, we will learn how this unique movement
meditation can balance, heal, and nourish our whole being.  
Warm layers of comfortable clothing and shoes recommended. 
All levels welcome.


Frieda has studied movement for 30 years now; it is the lens she uses to navigate the world.  She has been sharing her body wisdom with children and elders alike across the country for the past 14 years in public schools, private institutions, and in the streets.   She is also an energetic herbalist, medicine maker, and mother, and incorporates all these pathways into her teaching.

To register or for more info, motherwort@taprootmedicine.org